Bertolino Bros. Coffee Bar

Photo of Bertolino Bros. Coffee Bar - Tacoma, WA
2421 S Union Ave
(253) 383-1867
Free WiFi
Coffeeshop / Cafe
Friendly people behind the counter. There are tables outside. It's a corner shop, so there are lots of windows.
Long after businesses have locked their doors and Tacoma settles in for the night, you will still hear the whistle of a steaming espresso machine and the the circadian rhythms of conversation emanating from the doors of Bertolino's Coffee. It's the social hour for night owls; a place to practice the art of conversation or become intimately acquainted with a good book. It's the home of the term paper, the chess match, and the friendly face. It is the end of a long day, and for a few, the beginning of a long night. Whatever the reason, life is here, because we're open 24 hours. Pull up a chair or lounge on the couch. Enjoy a mocha, an americano, or a latte, whatever suits your taste. Day or night, good day or bad, we're there.


3 Comments about Bertolino Bros. Coffee Bar
"The best!: This is one of Tacoma's oldest and most visited coffee shops, I love it. It's open 24 hours. The coffee is the best in town and the loose leaf teas are also excellent. It's got free wi-fi a very comfortable leather couch. Everyone hangs out and/or studies here so there is often standing room only in the evenings. The baristas are the best. It isn't the biggest coffee shop in town, but it has the most character..."
"This is a great spot to meet up with friends for a drink or for a place to go and study. The service is a bit slower though so I wouldn't recommend going if you're in a rush. Great atmosphere if you have the time with a couch, computer, and boardgames..."
"This is a nice little place to grab a cup of coffee and study. The amount of tables is limited and it is sometimes really crowded so there is no where to sit. But they make good coffee..."

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