Black Water Cafe

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747 Fawcett Ave
(253) 404-0000
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Coffeeshop / Cafe
Black Water Cafe is a coffeeshop / cafe located in Tacoma WA.


8 Comments about Black Water Cafe
"Art, coffee and free wifi.what more do you need?  I don't need much more, honestly.   However, if you are in a rush don't go here.  They take their time making drinks which is good if you like coffee but not so good if you are in a hurry or trying to make a meeting..."
"Black Water no more. It went out of business abruptly one weekend in 2009. I just noticed this in OpenWifiSpots and didn't want people to show up only to find a beauty salon/spa instead of Black Water. "
Tacoma Aroma
"Blackwater is a true Tacoma gem; tucked around a corner just up So 9th from downtown, it links downtown with the stadium district and hilltop and gives you a compelling reason to climb up or over a few more blocks.   The Blackwater Cafe has the best coffee in Tacoma.  There really is no comparison.  Rachel, Blackwater's proud owner, is a self professed coffee fanatic and is ceaseless in her quest for the perfect cup, whether its drip or espresso. Free wifi, great local art that changes every month, lovely, welcoming, incredibly skilled baristas and decent hours (open until 9 every night (I think!)), my only complaint is the lack of substantial snacks.  Although amply supplied with croissants and cookies from Essential..."
"Caffè macchiato: the test for a coffee shop. The flavor was excellent.  Well-rounded (good pull) and not burnt (good roast) espresso.  Even this quicky drink had a nice rosetta in the foam.  The only possible "problem" might be more a variation.  This felt like a wet macchiato / piccolo latte / whatever.  However, the whole drink was so smooth that perhaps the espresso was creamy enough to blend with the foam. They were busily painting, so I'm not going to judge the comfort or decor.  Was a great place for a chat over coffee even in turmoil..."
"I was semi-sad to hear that Blackwater was moving from their old space on Fawcett (so very close to where I live) to St. Helens. My boyfriend and I frequented the former spot for reading, writing, interneting, drawing, people watching and of course, some damn fine coffee-drinking. I tried to take all my out-of-town friends there to show them "Hey! We aren't Seattle, but we still have rad coffee shops!" All of them seemed to agree - Blackwater rules. We ventured out to the new location about a month ago, and were initially shocked by the new, much smaller size of the shop. I like the window seats that still allow you to people-watch, the chairs lined along the wall and the couches in the back. They had tattoo art from a local shop..."
"In the world of coffee, just like cars, wine, photography or any other subjective pursuit, it is possible to have different tastes and still be a connoisseur.  Unfortunately, with the Blackwater, you get one kind of drip coffee and that's it.  Never mind if you're not keen for the particular roast or source of bean, you get the one anonymous coffee they've got brewing, and you'll like it, damn it. I'm okay with the notion of serving one kind of coffee, I guess, but a coffee shop that only serves one kind of coffee AND doesn't tell you prominently what they're brewing, cannot, ever, be considered any sort of ideal for finding "the best" cup of coffee unless you've only got IHOPs and fast food joints to compare to.   (..."
"Inexplicably, Black Water shut its doors on June 15. For good. This is after they had put up their old iron sign, done some restoration work on the outside of their new space, and got a credit card machine the week prior. I'm still in mourning..."
"So my coworker told me he was going to stop by Blackwater and asked if he wanted anything while he was there. The last time, which was the first time, I literally chose one of the strongest drinks I could have ordered (which is bad for a relative coffee newbie like me), so I told him to get me a friendly drink. He ended up getting me a single (double is standard in their drinks)iced vanilla latte. It was ridiculously good! I've had my fair shares of VLs from starbucks and other coffee establishments but when I took my first sip, the flavor was so rich! This is definitely my favorite coffee shop in downtown Tacoma..."

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