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Brunswick St
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Brunswick Street is a located in Fredericton NB.


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"As comedy clubs go, the Stress Factory is a great place to go. Packed with students and locals, the enviornment is ripe for enjoyment. Depending on the night, prices vary, so I would recommend going when there's no big headliner. They used to have a two purchase minimum as well, which was quite frustrating, especially if you aren't hungry or thirsty. Expect to be part of the fun, as before each show audience members are picked out on screen and made fun of..."
"I have been the Stress Factory a bunch of times and always had a decent experience (expect the last time). The Stress Factory does a good job of getting pretty well known people to their club. They have the usuall two drink minim..or you can get food!..."
"I have been there numerous times and it is always a fun night out. What better way to relax and forget about all your problems than with a night of laughter. It's so fun !..."
"I have been to the stress factory 3 times. They always crack me up. There is a camera that goes around the audience before the show starts and makes little sayings on the screen mocking you. The only downside is the 2 drink minimum. It can also get very tight and cramped on weekends and very smoky..."
"I tried to make a reservations for my B-Day at the The Stress Factory. They were having D.L. Hughley there on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I wanted to make a reservation for my friends and I for the Saturday night show at 10:30 PM. I emailed the owner, Vinnie Brand and called the place but one would answer the phone. I got an email back the next day and he told me to call or email him back my plans (how many people, how old I would be on my B-Day, etc.) I did and didn't hear anything back. I sent several emails and left several messages on the voicemail at the club and no one called me back. After no one gets back to me, I call the next and then the next day and finally someone answers the phone. The show is now sold out! I email..."
"My husband and I have been there a few times and we always have a blast. We saw Tracey Morgan, Vinnie Brand and Rich Vos. The shows were hilarious, the space is great and the food is really good. I definitely recommend the Stress Factory to anyone looking for a fun night out..."
"The last time I went to the Stress Factory I was a little annoyed with the crowd. The people sitting near us were definitely drink and were being rude to the comedian on stage. We could barely enjoy the show because of these people. The manager came over to them once and told them to be quiet. But it continued.and they never said anything to them again. I was ready to walk out and leave because of these people. Just frustrated that management didn't do more!..."

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