Engine House No.9

Photo of Engine House No.9 - Tacoma, WA
611 N Pine St
(253) 272-3435
Engine House No.9, (The "E-9") is a unique non-smoking restaurant and brew pub. Built in 1907 and placed on the National Historical Register in 1975, numerous fire-fighting elements in the d├ęcor capture the essence of what once was. The front patio as well as the enclosed courtyard can be enjoyed during warmer months.
With the new onwership subtle changes are in progress such as wider beer and menu selections, premium spirits, and additional TV's for viewing all your favorite sports action. Level 2, currently used for catering, will soon be open certain evenings as well.

Beers: We feature at least 8 fabulous fresh ales from our award winning brewery as well as import and guest handles including 3 cask conditioned ales. Fine wines and top shelf spirits are also available. The Beer Club is a fun way to explore the diverse draught and bottled beer selections in this "trend setting" establishment.

Food: An eclectic menu of soups, chilis, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pastas, and daily specials. Selected as one of the top 10 restaurants in the Puget Sound.

Engine House No.9 was built in 1907 to provide fire protection for Tacoma's North End. E9 became the first non-smoking pub in Pierce County in 1992. With the opening of Tacoma's first micro-brewery, the Engine House once again establishes itself as the area's premier eating and drinking establishment.


15 Comments about Engine House No.9
"Before there was the smoking ban, we used to drive down to Tacoma from Seattle to go to this place. The beer is excellent. The food is fine. And the service is terrific. We'll still go there, even after the smoking ban..."
"Engine House No. 9 is one of Tacoma's best restaurants/pubs. The atomsphere is unparalled and very inviting. The staff is friendly and helpful. I enjoy going there for lunch. The food is never disappointing and the service is quick enough to get you in and out on a work day. The Engine House is also great on weekends, when you can enjoy a leisurely conversation and quiet surroundings -- unless there's a big game on! Engine House No. 9 is hidden away on North Pine. Once you've been there, I can almost guarantee you'll return..."
"Everything is so cool. The outdoor eating section is awesome, and the service is really great. Everything is fast and simple, worth the time. GO THERE!..."
"I have a group of friends that go almost every Thursday for Karaoke. It's always busy and loud and crowded, but it's fun. There is never a cover and the bartenders are pretty generous. The service isn't always great, we are regulars and the last time we went we got forgotten and neglected, but it's a really crowded tiny hometown bar, what do you really expect? There are only a couple of servers, but they are nice. The food is good, but not great. I really like their quesadillas and their fish an..."
"I regret going there on my 21st, a good friend of mine asked the bartender if the birthday girls gets a free drink and she told us to pay for one or get out. I realize it's ilegal for bars to give away drinks, but doesn't mean we had to find out that way. What a cold hearted ( fill in blank ) ..."
"I wanted Salmon, but the waiter told us it wasn't fresh, there was another dish I wanted, I believe a chicken dish, but was told it wasn't fresh either; glad I was told before I ordered! The food is not all that great, but the old-fashioned antique decor interested me. This place is okay for a one-time visit..."
"My sister in law loves this place, but I have never had worse service. The last time we went (and the last time we will EVER go), we sat at our table for 15 minutes and no one even came by to ask if we wanted something to drink or wanted to look at menus. I could understand if they were shortstaffed or had a lot of customers, but the place was almost empty and the 4 servers were busy flirting with each other and never came by. One server did say something to us, but it was merely a rude "ex..."
"Popcorn tastes as stale as (profanity removed). Food makes me think of regurgitated cheese, and worst of all, 2 hour waits. I dispise this restraunt with a burning hatred and can only imagine the horr...."
"Restaurant and brewpub built as a fire station in 1907 serves burgers, steaks, pasta and 10 types of microbrews..."
"Since I am a local I have be to E9 on several different occasions. Some of those being my 21st b-day, my Bachlorette party, and group gatherings. All, in which I have been tremendously unhappy with the service from everyone! On my B-day the bartender refused my ID, which was completely legal, with my mother present and I had a copy of my birth certificate with me becuase I had just gone into Canada the week before. They were incredibly rude to all of us. Other times it has taken my husband over ..."
"Surprisingly kid-friendly! Good pub food, good beer, affordable. Friendly staff. Popcorn. What else do you need?..."
"The food is very good and the portions are generous. We last visited on homecoming weekend at the local university so the place was packed. The crowd was friendly and the service efficient. The hamburgers are outstanding and the daily soup special should not be missed. The bar is set away from the dining area so it is a kid..."

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