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Fredericton Leads Way With Wireless Technology Capital City Joins Ranks of World's "Connected Cities" On November 18, 2003, The City of Fredericton announced that it had launched Fred-eZone, a free Wi-Fi (802.11) network in its business corridors. Fred-eZone allows free access to your e-mail, calendar, and the Internet with your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or PDA in many Fredericton public areas. Like streetlights and sidewalks, Fred-eZone is municipal infrastructure. Today, coverage extends throughout the downtown business district, City parks, local arenas, business hotels, Kings Place Mall, and the Fredericton Mall. With plans for Fred-eZone expansion in place, the future will see coverage extended to include all of the City's business corridors and public spaces. Wi-Fi is the next big thing in networking. It is now available throughout Fredericton for you to use - free of charge!

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