Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine

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385 Broadview Ave
416 7789199
Vegetarian Restaurant
Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine is a located in Toronto ON.


9 Comments about Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine
"a Supreme Master Restaurant (paintings from the master on the wall, their tv channel playing on the large monitor in the corner), but their menu is distinct from other Chinese-Buddhist restaurants in Toronto. It's a mish-mash of Western and Pan-Asian, and there are gems ..."
"A very new, almost entirely vegan restaurant, very reasonably priced and incredibly delicious. My first meal there started with some wontons, my main dish was a vegan fettucine alfredo that tasted very fresh and creamy but not overly ..."
"I happened to discover this absolute gem one day after it opened. Went in, ordered the lemongrass veggie chicken and was immediately hooked! Let me put it this way - this restaurant has been open for one month and my family has already dined ..."
"My friend and I were amazed at the number of options on this menu -- a mix of all types of food, from Asian to Mexican to a variety of vegetarian burgers. We both had Tom Yum Soup, which had great flavour. Then we shared lemongrass tofu with ..."
"shortly after they opened in July and I've been there at least once a week since then. Don't be thrown by the huge menu. They offer Asian, North American, Italian and even Mexican food. This is usually a bad sign for me and makes me nervous, but believe me, it's ..."
"spectacular. The staff is friendly and wants you to be happy with the food and the restaurant. The place is clean. The whole \"supreme master\" cult thing they have going on is strange, but not so in my face that it is a problem. Definitely worth a ..."
"The restaurant is well-decorated and fairly clean, and the four of us sat down and waited for our menus. And waited. After a few minutes we received our menus, and we made our selections. There are a lot of items on the menu, so many I ..."
"their veggie burger. They've got a number of veggie burgers, actually, but only one named 'veggie burger'. It's terrible. The buns were cheap things that weren't up to the task. The task? Okay, They didn't have much of a chance to contain the slop that they ..."
"This place is all right - nothing special here. Pseudo-meat never tickles my taste buds so I stayed clear of most menu items. Had their spring rolls and edamame appetizers - pretty good. My entree was some eggplant dish that was pretty decent. Another friend ordered the asparagus and shiitake mushroom dish which was quite disappointing..."

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